Organic Methods for Vegetable Gardening in Florida

Ginny Stibolt and Melissa Contreras

Foreword by Marty Mesh

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"A wonderful and well-researched book that describes all aspects of organic gardening, from seed to harvest, as well as how to gather seeds from your labors for subsequent years. This book will help you create a garden that will produce food for yourself and your family, whether you live in Florida or not."--Nell Newman, president of Newman’s Own Organics

"With demand and desire exploding for fresh, healthful, locally grown produce, Ginny and Melissa are right on time. Hold a copy close, dig a plot, and grow your own!"--Michel Nischan, president of Wholesome Wave

"If you want to grow your own vegetables organically but are unsure how to get started--this is the book for you."--Steve Christman,

"An excellent addition for any Floridian interested in raising food, either on a small-scale commercial basis or simply for the pleasure of seeing a garden grow."--Marilyn E. Swisher, coeditor of Managed Ecosystems: The Mesoamerican Experience

With food costs on the rise, people are turning to their own backyards for affordable and delicious produce. Organic Methods for Vegetable Gardening in Florida helps amateur gardeners get closer to their food and save money. It is also an invaluable guide for small farmers who wish to expand their operations in order to participate in farmers markets or CSAs.

Experts Ginny Stibolt and Melissa Contreras provide simple and accessible advice for successful vegetable gardening in Florida, where soil types vary and mild winters do not clear out all pests. They offer suggestions for opportunities beyond the home garden, advice on what to do with over-abundant harvests, and strategies for developing a community garden. Stibolt and Contreras also address pest management, appropriate bed types, irrigation, seed saving, proper harvesting, and food safety.

Organic Methods for Vegetable Gardening in Florida arranges plants by family to help growers design their crop rotation schemes and features some unconventional but robust Florida native plants that are suitable to grow alongside traditional vegetables, such as meadow garlic, tomatillos, Seminole pumpkin, spotted horsemint, jicama, and prickly pear.

Ginny Stibolt, botanist, lifelong gardener, and garden writer, is the author of Sustainable Gardening for Florida. Melissa Contreras is a Miami-Dade County Master Gardener and founder of the Urban Oasis Project.

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"From cabbage and spinach to squash and peppers and nearly every herb on the planet, this book provides a thorough overview: regions, planting, growing, maintaining, harvesting and using."
--The Daytona Beach News-Journal

"A well-researched and instructive book…Organic gardening is practically foolproof with this book."
--Tallahassee Writers Association

"Packed with practical tips for backyard gardens of all sizes."
--Edible South Florida

"We’ve been depending on chemicals for so long that most people don’t know where to begin, especially in Florida where bugs and diseases can thrive year round. This book will eliminate the mystery, taking you from planning and planting, through care and harvest…this long-awaited guide offers accessible advice and in-depth information."
--On The Bookshelf

“Simple and accessible advice for successful, pesticide-free vegetable gardening.”
--Northwest Florida Daily News

“Offers an innovative look at modern organic methods that can be applied to the specific issues generated by Florida’s climate.”
--The Florida Book Review

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