Crônicas Brasileiras
A Reader, Third Edition

Edited by Charles A. Perrone, Dário Borim Jr., and Célia R. Bianconi

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"Utilized in our curriculum for nearly fourteen consecutive years, the text combines pertinent journalistic articles and poems that are relevant to our students' lives while giving them a glimpse of Brazilian culture."--Steven F. Butterman, University of Miami

Crônicas are "urban chronicles" of varied character--short writings about everyday life, personal commentaries, entertaining story-like pieces, even quasi-editorials. This delightful collection is designed to assist students in developing their reading, speaking, and writing knowledge of Portuguese as it is used in present-day Brazil.

With a proven track record in the classroom, this edition of Crônicas Brasileiras has been updated with 40 percent new material. New texts better represent how the language has evolved in Brazil since the late-nineteenth century. In addition to enhancing language proficiency, these lively vignettes help readers gain cultural knowledge and sharpen awareness of diverse Brazilian environments.

Annotations, reading comprehension questions, grammar exercises, guided composition, suggestions for discussion, and a vocabulary guide make this book a great fit for those who have mastered elementary Portuguese grammar. More advanced learners will find the crônicas valuable for their colloquial style, linguistic variety, and literary significance.

Charles A. Perrone is professor of Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian literature and culture in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies and coordinator of Brazilian studies in the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida. Dário Borim Jr. is associate professor of Brazilian studies and former chair of the Department of Portuguese at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Célia R. Bianconi is head of the Portuguese program in the Department of Romance Studies at Boston University.
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