The Anthropology of AIDS
A Global Perspective

Patricia Whelehan

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"Represents a long-overdue examination of anthropology's role in the fight against AIDS, bringing together the anthropological perspective and the problem of AIDS like no other."--Brian Joseph Gilley, University of Vermont

Until now, there has been no one text that discusses the norms, beliefs, and behaviors that affect how societies respond to HIV/AIDS around the world.

The Anthropology of AIDS synthesizes data from anthropology, psychology, sociology, biology, and medicine, and incorporates the author's more than two decades of work as a medical anthropologist, HIV test counselor, and sex therapist. Designed for use in a range of college courses, this volume combines a solid introduction to the epidemiology of HIV and AIDS with a wealth of material exploring the cross-cultural societal impact of the disease.

Patricia Whelehan provides a broad overview of the epidemic since 1981, focusing on current social, cultural, political, and economic factors throughout the world. She brings a relativistic, comparative, and holistic approach to look at HIV/AIDS as both a pandemic and an intercultural health problem. She also explores the ethics and controversies surrounding HIV testing, treatment, and research in the United States and other specific societies, including Thailand, Brazil, and areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Written in a clear, concise, and engaging tone, this timely and necessary text will prove an invaluable resource for instructors and undergraduates across many academic disciplines.

Patricia Whelehan is professor of anthropology at the State University of New York, Potsdam.

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"Presents the unique anthropological perspective on both the global HIV/AIDS pandemic and its diverse local expressions." " This valuable, information-filled book is recommended for use in undergraduate medical anthropology and medical sociology courses or specialized HIV/AIDS courses."
--The Journal of Anthropological Research, vol.66

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