What Your Fossils Can Tell You
Vertebrate Morphology, Pathology, and Cultural Modification

Robert W. Sinibaldi

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"Provides the beginning fossil vertebrate enthusiast with some valuable information about the fossils they are collecting."--Guy "Harley" Means, Florida Geological Survey

"Illustrates how the dynamic story of ancient life and death and post-mortem utilization is accessible from the study of bone shapes. It is this very thing that made me want to be a paleontologist in the first place."--Pennilyn Higgins, University of Rochester

Written primarily for the avid amateur and beginning paleontologist, What Your Fossils Can Tell You offers both experienced and novice fossil hunters and collectors the information needed to correctly identify and interpret the significance of their discoveries.

Professionals in the field may also use this book as a pictorial resource to assist them in bridging the fields of pathology and archaeology as they relate to paleontology. Amateur fossil hunters are presented with the tools they need to recognize significant finds and knowledge of how to collect vertebrate fossils responsibly and legally.

Robert Sinibaldi, in informal collaboration with a number of fossil experts, has compiled materials with a wide appeal. He explains many of the complex bumps, grooves, markings, and other anomalies that occur on fossil bones and teeth. A wealth of photographs helps readers visually identify these features and apply related concepts to their personal collections. Along with many common specimens, scores of unique fossil items appear here in print for the first time.

Robert W. Sinibaldi is a former president of the Tampa Bay Fossil Club and is currently a member of its board of directors. He is author of Fossil Diving: In Florida's Waters or any other Waters Containing Prehistoric Treasures and The Handbook of Paleontological Terms.

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"Explaining the subtle details and more, and outlined with an abundance of black and white photographs and charts, "What Your Fossils Can Tell You" is a fine text for both would be professionals and enthusiastic non-specialist general readers."
--The Midwest Book Review

"An eclectic book that will appeal to amateur fossil collectors, especially those who specialize in vertebrate materials"
--American Reference Books Annual, vol.42

". . .strongly recommended for all vertebrate paleontologists (professionals, beginners, and amateurs), taphonomists, and archaeologists. This is a talented well-thought writing and comprehensive source of information!"
--Zentralblatt fur Geologie and Palaontologie

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