100 Roses for the South Florida Garden

Victor Lazzari

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Tried and true varieties for tropical Florida  
“This book is full of research, first-hand knowledge, and a bit of humor. It’s a wonderful guide for the South Florida rose gardener.”—Annee Nelson, Nelson’s Florida Roses 
“There has always been a dearth of information on growing roses in semitropical climates. Victor Lazzari’s book goes a long way toward filling that need. South Florida gardeners should find it quite interesting and useful in planning their own rose gardens.”—Malcolm M. Manners, Florida Southern College  
“Both novice and experienced gardeners will discover a great deal of valuable information in this guide. Matched with Lazzari’s excellent photography, one could not ask for more concise information to successfully grow roses in this region.”—Clair Martin, curator emeritus, Huntington Rose Garden  
“Lazzari blends his extensive knowledge of roses and garden design with humor in his writings. Beginners and experienced rose growers will find this book informative and quite useful in making selections for their gardens.”—William Langford, consulting rosarian and horticulture judge, American Rose Society  
“At last, a publication that gives the average South Florida gardener a place to start for including roses in the landscape while offering the seasoned rosarian new insights about widely available and obscure rose cultivars.”—Matthew Orwat, UF/IFAS horticulture extension agent, Washington County, Florida  
Contrary to common belief, many varieties of roses can flourish in Florida’s heat and humidity. A much-needed guide for both home gardeners and landscape professionals, 100 Roses for the South Florida Garden equips readers with the knowledge to successfully grow this popular plant in the state’s tropical climate.            
Rose connoisseur Victor Lazzari surveys the history of the rose; outlines the main classifications of roses; explains how to best cultivate the flower in the South Florida environment; and offers advice on designing thoughtful, eco-friendly, visually spectacular gardens with roses in this region. Lazzari then provides an illustrated compendium of 100 varieties of roses that work well in South Florida. Each entry contains a beautiful full-color photograph, a brief history of the rose variety, and notes on the variety’s preferences.
Complete with a thorough list of local rose retailers and organizations, this book is filled with useful information that has previously been difficult for Florida residents to locate. New gardeners and dedicated rosarians alike will delight in this approachable, eye-catching resource for finding and growing roses that thrive in the southernmost part of the state.          
Victor Lazzari is a landscape designer and horticulturalist based in South Florida and an avid gardener who has been growing roses for over 25 years.
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