Easy Breezy Florida Cooking

Joy Harris and Jack Harris

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Tampa Bay's Jack and Joy Harris revel in making cooking easy, but luscious, in Easy- Breezy Florida Cooking.
Joy includes a lovely collection of her favorite recipes along with hilarious comments by husband ( Cracker Jack Harris ), 970WFLA's popular radio talk show host. Joy shares her culinary prowess with Florida flavors that will have your taste buds begging for more. Lemon cookies are simply divine.
Life in Florida is fun, relaxing, and full of surprises. Likewise, Florida cooking should be every bit as exciting!
Joy Harris, one of Florida's best known culinarians, joins her popular WFLA radio morning anchor husband, Cracker Jack Harris, inviting you on a whirlwind tour of their favorite recipes, from traditional family faves to novel new creations. Joy's culinary prowess, combined with Jack's amusing comments about each and every dish make for a delightful taste of Florida.
Learn the secrets behind Florida s favorite cuisine with these special recipes:
Easy Florida Guacamole
Mango Meatballs
Sunny Day Chicken Salad
Citrus Rubbed Steaks
Sweet Orange Rubbed Pork
Cuban Garlic Bread
Jackson's Black Bean Chili
Summertime Grilled Burgers
Zellwood Corn Chowder
Tropical Pizza
And of course, Flamingo Pink Lime Pie!

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