The Changing Dynamic of Cuban Civil Society

Edited by Alexander I. Gray and Antoni Kapcia

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"An essential book for those seeking the full picture of what constitutes the Cuban Revolution, which includes the contributions of civil society in support of the development of Cuban society and socialism."--Peter Roman, City University of New York

"Goes beyond the polemics usually reserved for discussions of civil society in Cuba and brings clarity, scholarship, and sharp analysis to bear on the topic."--Douglas Friedman, College of Charleston

Does a civil society actually exist in Cuba today and if so what is its nature and role? In seeking answers to this hotly contested and highly politicized question, Alexander Gray and Antoni Kapcia have assembled an impressive and diverse group of contributors.

The essays in The Changing Dynamic of Cuban Civil Society range from general discussion of the private sector to case studies about volunteer work, religious entities, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the economic crisis in 1990, the Cuban state has experienced severe challenges, and individuals have been forced to respond in unexpected ways to ensure their economic survival. Avoiding polemics and preconceptions, this volume brings a fresh and welcome perspective to one of the most vexing issues in Cuban society today.

Alexander I. Gray is a researcher in the European Network of Excellence on International Migration, Integration, and Social Cohesion. Antoni Kapcia is professor of Latin American history at the University of Nottingham and professor invitado at the University of Havana.

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"Provides a solid point of departure for future research on Cuba and raises a number of key questions."
--Journal of Latin American Studies

"An impressive contribution to the series on contemporary Cuba from the University Press of Florida edited by John M. Kirk of Dalhousie University, noted for his work on Cuban foreign policy."
--International Affairs

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