Veterans' Policies, Veterans' Politics
New Perspectives on Veterans in the Modern United States

Edited by Stephen R. Ortiz

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"Provides a much-needed interdisciplinary approach to the study of the important intersection of veteran policies and political arguments that have helped to define the modern American state."--Robert Saxe, author of "Settling Down": World War II Veterans' Challenge to the Postwar Consensus

"An outstanding collection of essays that will engage anyone interested in the veteran experience in modern America. It should be read by political leaders and the general public who want to develop better ways to reintegrate veterans of our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq back into American society."--G. Kurt Piehler, author of Remembering the War the American Way

The study of military veterans and politics has been a growing topic of interest, but to date most research on the topic has remained isolated in specific, unconnected fields of inquiry.
Veterans' Policies, Veterans' Politics is the first multidisciplinary, comprehensive examination of the American veteran experience. Stephen Ortiz has compiled some of the best work on the formation and impact of veterans' policies, the politics of veterans' issues, and veterans' political engagement over the course of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in the United States.
By examining the U.S. government's treatment of veterans vis-à-vis such topics as health care, disability, race, the GI Bill, and combat exposure, the contributors reveal how debates regarding veterans' policies inevitably turn into larger political battles over citizenship and the role of the federal government.
With the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq now the longest military operations in U.S. history and the numbers of veterans returning from overseas deployment higher than they've been in a generation, this is a timely and necessary book.

Stephen R. Ortiz, associate professor of history at Binghamton University, is the author of Beyond the Bonus March and GI Bill: How Veteran Politics Shaped the New Deal Era
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An important contribution toward understanding the role of the veteran in the US.

A very worthwhile set of readings on the intersection of American politics and society with veterans benefit policies from the turn of the twentieth century to the present.
--Journal of Military History

Stephen R. Ortiz’s excellent interdisciplinary collection of essays by historians, political scientists, and policy specialists is a timely addition to a literature in need of development...the essays are informative, well researched, and adept at drawing effectively on literature from a variety of disciplines.
--Journal of American History

"The fundamental claim of this smart, well-edited collection is historiographical: we cannot fully understand U.S. political history or state development without paying significant attention to the changing historical roles of veterans, the political arguments about them, and the policies created for them."
--Reviews in American History

An important contribution to our understanding of the multifaceted connection between those who have served this country in the military and broader civil society. The originality and depth of research of all twelve essays is superb…. Ortiz and all the contributors… provide fertile ground for the further exploration of veterans’ important role in American society.
--Post Library

Ortiz is able to bring together once segregated research on veterans’ policies and politics into one interdisciplinary study. This opens the door for much greater research within the social sciences.

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