Family Guide to Marijuana Myths and Facts

Scott A. Teitelbaum and Michael F. Nias

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The marijuana grown today is exceptionally potent. It is many times more powerful than the marijuana sold in the 1960s and 1970s, due to genetic engineering. Yet many people still subscribe to the belief that marijuana is safe to use. In Weed: Family Guide to Marijuana Myths and Facts, addiction experts Scott Teitelbaum and Michael Nias respond to such widespread myths about marijuana, giving balanced and honest answers grounded in facts.

Weed explains exactly why using marijuana today is a potentially dangerous choice, no matter your age—adolescent or adult. The book helps teens make informed decisions about drug use and shows parents the best ways to tell children the truth about drugs. Teitelbaum and Nias discuss how your family can talk rationally about hot button issues like marijuana and how you can avoid common conflicts in the process. Weed settles what’s real and what’s not amid marijuana hearsay, enabling you to understand just how the drug affects your brain...and your future.

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