Florida Weather, Second Edition

Morton D. Winsberg

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"A great book for the Florida newcomer mainly because of the introductory chapter that explains the forces that control Florida’s weather and climate: latitude, altitude, land and water distribution, ocean currents, prevailing winds, storms, and pressure systems. It’s also valuable because it has highly readable chapters on the various seasonal weather hazards--such as lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts and freezes--well known to Floridians."--Southeastern Geographer

The plain language and straightforward style of Morton Winsberg’s book allow the general reader to understand data and information about Florida weather. The book is organized by seasons and reports seasonal variations around the state. It is generously illustrated with maps, diagrams, and photographs. Final chapters include considerable advice on how to deal with weather hazards associated with each season and a "weather planner for outdoor activities" gives probable temperatures and rain chance.

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"A precise and readable account of the weather and climate of Florida that will find a place on many bookshelves for those interested in the many aspects of life in Florida."
--Weather Doctor

"Informative, useful, and interesting."
--Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

"Remains as refreshing as a sea breeze and still belongs on the shelves or coffee tables of those interested in Florida's weather and climate."
--Southeastern Geographer

"[Winsberg's] knowledge of the state and its weather shines on every page."
--Gulf South Historical Review

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