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Inventing Medieval Landscapes: Senses of Place in Western Europe

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Keats's Paradise Lost

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Charleston: An Archaeology of Life in a Coastal Community

In Charleston, Zierden and Reitz weave archaeology and history to illuminate this vibrant, densely packed Atlantic port city. They detail the residential, commercial, and public life of the city, the ruins of taverns, markets, and townhouses, including those of Thomas Heyward, shipping merchant Nathaniel Russell, and William Aiken.

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Bats of Florida

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Stalking the U-Boat: U.S. Naval Aviation in Europe during World War I

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Going to Miami: Exiles, Tourists and Refugees in the New America

Journalist & former FSG editor David Rieff's first book captures the spirit of Miami, America's New Havana. Focusing on the Cuban exile population, Rieff explores Miami's Latinization since the '60s. He interviews the city's most influential Cuban leaders

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Southern History Remixed: On Rock ’n’ Roll and the Dilemma of Race

This book spotlights the key role of popular music in the shaping of the United States South from the late nineteenth century to the era of rock ‘n’ roll, showing how the region’s musical activities reveal deep histories of racial tensions in southern culture.

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Latin American Art: Ancient to Modern

152 b&w photographs and 30 color plates trace the development Latin American sculpture, architecture, pottery, painting and more, from pre-columbian times to the

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Derek Walcott: Politics and Poetics

Paula Burnett offers a new interpretation of the life's work of acclaimed St. Lucian poet, playwright, and Nobel Prize winner Derek Walcott. Often regarded as the radical voice of the Third World, his drama and poetry together form a coherent project

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An Irish-Jewish Politician, Joyce’s Dublin, and Ulysses: The Life and Times of Albert L. Altman

In this book, Neil Davison argues that Albert Altman, a Dublin-based businessman and Irish nationalist, influenced James Joyce’s creation of the character of Leopold Bloom as well as Ulysses’ broader themes surrounding race, nationalism, and empire.