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Digital Heritage and Archaeology in Practice: Presentation, Teaching, and Engagement

Exploring practical applications of digital and computational approaches to heritage studies and archaeology, this volume addresses digitization at museums and other heritage institutions, public and community engagement with archaeology using digital tools, and the teaching of digital methods to both students and professionals.

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A Guide to a Somatic Movement Practice: The Anatomy of Center

In this introduction to the work of somatic dance education pioneer Nancy Topf, readers are ushered on a journey to explore the movement of the body through a close awareness of anatomical form and function.

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Unveiling Pachacamac: New Hypotheses for an Old Andean Sanctuary

This volume synthesizes 25 years of new data and hypotheses on the sacred Andean site of Pachacamac, a sanctuary that has an enduring presence in Peruvian history and plays a pivotal role in the formation of current views about religion and thought in the pre-Hispanic period.

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Manatee Insanity: Inside the War over Florida's Most Famous Endangered Species

Why is the manatee just as imperiled today as it was 40 years ago?

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Healthcare in Latin America: History, Society, Culture

Illustrating the diversity of disciplines that intersect within global health studies, contributors to this volume explore the development and representation of public health in Latin American countries.

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Under the Shade of Thipaak: The Ethnoecology of Cycads in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean

Exploring the cultural role of cycads in the ancient and modern Mesoamerican and Caribbean worlds, this volume demonstrates how these ancient plants have figured prominently in regional mythologies, rituals, art, and foodways from the Pleistocene-Holocene transition to the present.

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More Than Shelter from the Storm: Hunter-Gatherer Houses and the Built Environment

Discussing case studies from the Pleistocene through Late Holocene periods, this volume offers a robust examination of houses as not only places of shelter but also of memory, history, and social cohesion within mobile cultures.

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The Letters of Minerva Mirabal and Manolo Tavárez: Love and Resistance in the Time of Trujillo

This volume presents a translation and critical edition of the letters between Dominican revolutionaries Minerva Mirabal Reyes and Manolo Tavárez Justo, which tell an intimate story of life and love under the brutal dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo.

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Lost Storytellers: The Information Apocalypse in the Modern Newsroom

In this firsthand look at the landscape of community news today, photojournalist John Pendygraft uses his own experiences to show why trusted local reporting matters now more than ever, making the case that the decline of local journalism threatens the future of democracy.