Contemporary Cuba

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A multidisciplinary series focusing on current and provocative aspects of Cuban history, culture, society, and politics. Of special interest are works that examine the dramatic changes in Cuba in the last decades, such as the role of the military, the nature of economic reforms, and the impact of foreign investments, human rights treaties, and tourism on the island.

This series has ended and is no longer accepting submissions.

There are 22 books in this series.

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Cuba, the United States, and the Helms-Burton Doctrine: International Reactions

The first full-length analysis of the controversial Helms-Burton law, enacted in 1996, its history, evolution, and international consequences. Roy argues that the law effectively codifies four decades of a US embargo aimed at discouraging foreign investme

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Afro-Cuban Voices: On Race and Identity in Contemporary Cuba

Based on vivid testimonies of 14 prominent Afro-Cubans, this book looks at how race affects daily life in Cuba. Interviewees from different generations, regions—& representing the arts, media, industry, academe, & medicine—all respond to 4 questions: Wh