Critical Geographies of Latin America and the Caribbean

Edited by Adam Bledsoe, Joel Correia, Andrea Marston, Aaron Strain, and Joaquín Villanueva

Series Description:

Books in this series will explore Latin America and the Caribbean through the multiple lenses of geography: environment, land, people, culture, history, economy, and politics. The books in this series will conceptualize the region broadly, even working to destabilize Latin America as a political category, but they will share a critical approach that pushes forth new areas of inquiry and analysis. The series editors invite book proposals and are particularly interested in works that explore how political, economic, social, and ecological structures intersect with race, gender, class, sexuality, and other critical social categories. The confluence of these interactions at various scales will show how the region is defined by ruptures and barriers, but also by rhythms, continuities, and fluidities of time and space that lend to new political possibilities. The editors welcome proposals from those who self-identify as a geographer or engage with the conceptual tools of geography focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean.

This series is published in partnership with the Conference of Latin American Geography.

For more Information:

Adam Bledsoe
Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

Joel Correia
Assistant Professor, Colorado State University

Andrea Marston
Assistant Professor, Rutgers University

Aaron Strain
Professor, Whitman College

Joaquín Villanueva
Professor, Gustavus Adolphus College

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