Cultural Heritage Studies

Edited by Katherine Hayes

Series Description:

This series brings together research devoted to understanding the material and behavioral characteristics of heritage. The series explores the uses of heritage and the meaning of its cultural forms as a way to interpret the present and the past. The series highlights important scholarship related to America's diverse heritage.

Books include important theoretical contributions and descriptions of significant cultural resources. Scholarship addresses questions related to culture and describes how local and national communities develop and value the past. The series includes works in public archaeology, heritage tourism, museum studies, vernacular architecture, history, American studies, and material cultural studies.

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Katherine Hayes
University of Minnesota

There are 28 books in this series.

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Monuments and Memory: Archaeological Perspectives on Commemoration

This volume examines many different public monuments, exploring the cultural factors behind their creation, their messages and evolving meanings, and the role of such markers in conveying the memory of history to future generations.

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Memory and Power at L’Hermitage Plantation: Heritage of a Nervous Landscape

This book documents the treatment of enslaved people at L’Hermitage Plantation in Maryland from 1794 to 1827, showing how the plantation owners’ strategies to maintain power and control can be seen in the spatial landscapes of the site.

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Heritage and Democracy: Crisis, Critique, and Collaboration

This volume examines cultural heritage work within the context of both democratic institutions and democratic practices, highlighting how democratic politics and cultural heritage shape, impact, and depend upon one another.

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Conflict Archaeology, Historical Memory, and the Experience of War: Beyond the Battlefield

This volume presents approaches to the archaeology of war that move beyond the forensic analysis of battlefields, fortifications, and other sites of conflict to consider the historical memory, commemoration, and social experience of war.

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Baseball and Cultural Heritage

This is the first volume to explore the understudied side of baseball—how its heritage is understood, interpreted, commodified, and performed for various purposes today, ultimately showing how the performance of baseball heritage can reflect the culture and heritage of a nation.

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Negotiating Heritage through Education and Archaeology: Colonialism, National Identity, and Resistance in Belize

Combining years of ethnographic research with British imperial archival sources, this book reveals how cultural heritage has been negotiated by colonial, independent state, and community actors in Belize from the late nineteenth century to the present.

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Earth Politics and Intangible Heritage: Three Case Studies in the Americas

Focusing on three communities in the Americas, this book layers archaeological research with oral narratives and social memories, demonstrating a way of reconciling the tension between Western scientific and local Indigenous approaches to history.

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A Struggle for Heritage: Archaeology and Civil Rights in a Long Island Community

Based on ten years of collaborative, community-based research, this book examines the history of race and racism in a mixed-heritage Native American and African American community on Long Island’s North Shore, demonstrating how archaeology can be an activist voice for a vulnerable population’s civil rights.

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Pedagogy and Practice in Heritage Studies

Pedagogy and Practice in Heritage Studies presents teaching strategies for helping students think critically about the meanings of the past today. In these case studies, experienced teachers discuss ways to integrate heritage studies values into archaeology curricula, illustrating how the fields enrich each other.

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History and Approaches to Heritage Studies

History and Approaches to Heritage Studies explores the historical development of cultural heritage theory and practice, as well as current issues in the field. It brings together  archaeologists who are deeply engaged with a range of stakeholders in heritage management and training.