Government and Politics in the South

Edited by Sharon D. Wright Austin, University of Florida and Angela K. Lewis-Maddox, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Series Description:

Books in this series will explore the myriad aspects of civil rights, government, political science, political history, and public policies in the American South. We invite authors to submit interdisciplinary, qualitative, and quantitative scholarly manuscripts that examine past or present issues in the South. We are particularly interested in books that examine Florida contexts, as the case can be made that Florida politics is national politics in microcosm. The impact of Florida on US presidential elections since 2000 and the emergence of the South as a major player on the political landscape all suggest a need to explore the politics of this dynamic region in greater detail.

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Sharon D. Wright Austin
University of Florida
Department of Political Science
234 Anderson Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611

Angela K. Lewis-Maddox
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Heritage Hall 414
Birmingham, AL 35233

There is 1 book in this series.

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Book Cover

Writing for the Public Good: Essays from David R. Colburn and Senator Bob Graham

This book presents over 100 important opinion pieces from David R. Colburn and Senator Bob Graham, two of the most influential public figures in recent Florida history, illustrating the power of civic engagement in tackling issues facing the nation.