New World Diasporas

Edited by Kevin A. Yelvington, University of South Florida

Series Description:

This series seeks to stimulate critical perspectives on diaspora processes in the New World. Representations of "race" and ethnicity, the origins and consequences of nationalism, migratory streams and the advent of
transnationalism, the dialectics of "homelands" and diasporas, trade networks, gender relations in immigrant communities, the politics of displacement and exile, and the utilization of the past to serve the present are among the phenomena addressed by original, provocative research in disciplines such as anthropology, history, political science, and sociology.

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There are 20 books in this series.

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Tampa: Impressions of an Emigrant

Translated into English with extensive notes and a wealth of supplementary material, this narrative of a nineteenth-century Cuban émigré brings to life the early Cuban exile communities in Tampa.

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Migration and Vodou

As Karen Richman shows, Haitians at home and in migrant settlements make ingenious use of audio and video tapes to extend the boundaries of their ritual spaces and to reinforce their moral and spiritual anchors to one another.

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Kosher Feijoada and Other Paradoxes of Jewish Life in São Paulo

Misha Klein’s fascinating ethnography reveals the complex intertwining of Jewish and Brazilian life and identity.

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Building a Nation: Caribbean Federation in the Black Diaspora

Duke convincingly posits that federation was more than a regional endeavor; it was a diasporic, black nation-building undertaking--with broad support in diaspora centers such as Harlem and London--deeply immersed in ideas of racial unity, racial uplift, and black self-determination.

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Islam and the Americas

In case studies that include the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States, the contributors to this interdisciplinary volume trace the establishment of Islam in the Americas over the past three centuries.

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African-Brazilian Culture and Regional Identity in Bahia, Brazil

Argues that cultural-political alliances between African-Bahian cultural practitioners and their dominant-class allies nevertheless helped to create a meaningful framework through which African-Bahian inclusion could be negotiated--a framework that is also important in the larger discussions of race and regional and national identity throughout Brazil.

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Trance and Modernity in the Southern Caribbean: African and Hindu Popular Religions in Trinidad and Tobago

Keith McNeal reveals the unexpected ways traditions of trance performance have become both globalized and modernized.

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Yo Soy Negro: Blackness in Peru

Yo Soy Negro is the first book in English--in fact, the first book in any language in more than two decades--to address what it means to be black in Peru.

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New Immigrants, New Land: A Study of Brazilians in Massachusetts