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NASA and the American South

This volume examines NASA’s strong ties to the American South, exploring how the space program and the region have influenced each other since NASA’s founding in 1958.

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Picturing Black New Orleans: A Creole Photographer's View of the Early Twentieth Century

This book illuminates the fascinating story and visual legacy of Florestine Perrault Collins, who documented African American life in New Orleans between 1920 and 1949.

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Good Day Sunshine State: How the Beatles Rocked Florida

This book explores the musical and cultural impact of the Beatles in Florida, an important part of the revolution that helped make the Fab Four a worldwide phenomenon.

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Bertha Maxwell-Roddey: A Modern-Day Race Woman and the Power of Black Leadership

This biography of educational activist and Black studies pioneer Bertha Maxwell-Roddey examines a life of remarkable achievements and leadership in the early years of the desegregated South. Sonya Ramsey describes how Maxwell-Roddey and her peers turned hard-won civil rights and feminist milestones into tangible accomplishments in North Carolina and nationwide from the late 1960s to the 1990s.

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Dreams in the New Century: Instant Cities, Shattered Hopes, and Florida’s Turning Point

Eminent historian Gary Mormino illuminates early twenty-first-century Florida and its connections to some of the most significant events in contemporary American history, taking stock of a tumultuous decade of change and explaining the state’s social, cultural, and political intricacies.

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African American Studies: 50 Years at the University of Florida

African American Studies: 50 Years at the University of Florida provides an impactful overview of African American Studies; documents the research of Black faculty at UF; examines how African American Studies encourages community engagement and service; contains testimonies from community elders; and includes reflections by and about prominent UF alumni such as Judge Stephan Mickle and Dr. David Horne.

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The Citizenship Education Program and Black Women's Political Culture

This book details how African American women used lessons in basic literacy to crack the foundation of white supremacy and sow seeds for collective action during the civil rights movement.

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Slavery and Freedom in the Shenandoah Valley during the Civil War Era

This book examines the complexities of life for African Americans in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley from the antebellum period through Reconstruction, showing how enslaved and free African Americans resisted slavery and supported the Union war effort in a borderland that changed hands frequently during the Civil War.

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Sisterly Networks: Fifty Years of Southern Women's Histories

Tracing the development of the field of southern women’s history over the past half century, this book shows how pioneering feminists laid the foundation for a strong community of sister scholars and delves into the work of an organization central to this movement, the Southern Association for Women Historians.

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Millard Fillmore Caldwell: Governing on the Wrong Side of History

Once considered one of the greatest Floridians of his generation, Millard Fillmore Caldwell is known today for his inability to adjust to the racial progress of the modern world. Leading Florida historian Gary Mormino tackles the difficult question of how to remember yesterday’s heroes who are now known to have had serious flaws.