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James Hudson: Forgotten Forerunner in the Crusade for Civil Rights

This book tells the story of James Hudson, a Black philosopher, Florida A&M University professor, activist, and religious leader whose philosophical contributions laid a key piece of the groundwork for the emergence of the civil rights movement.

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The Essential Writings of Robert A. Hill

Bringing together Robert A. Hill’s most important writings for the first time, this collection serves as a testament to Hill’s legacy as a pioneering scholar, activist, archive builder, and editor who shaped the study of Garveyism and pan-Africanism.

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Justice Pursued: The Exoneration of Nathan Myers and Clifford Williams

An in-depth look at a wrongful conviction and its landmark reversal, this book is the story of Nathan Myers and Clifford Williams, who were released in 2019 after almost 43 years in prison in the first exoneration brought about through a Conviction Integrity Unit in Florida.

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The Life and Music of Graham Jackson

This book is the first biography of Graham Jackson, a virtuosic musician whose life story displays the complexities of being a Black professional in the segregated South.

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From Death Row to Freedom: The Struggle for Racial Justice in the Pitts-Lee Case

This book is an insider’s account of the case of Freddie Lee Pitts and Wilbert Lee, two Black men who were wrongfully charged and convicted of murder and sentenced to death during the civil rights era of the 1960s.

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Mary McLeod Bethune the Pan-Africanist

Broadening the familiar view of Mary McLeod Bethune as an advocate for racial and gender equality within the United States, this book highlights Bethune’s global activism and her connections throughout the African diaspora.

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Picturing Black New Orleans: A Creole Photographer's View of the Early Twentieth Century

This book illuminates the fascinating story and visual legacy of Florestine Perrault Collins, who documented African American life in New Orleans between 1920 and 1949.

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To Tell a Black Story of Miami

In this book, Tatiana McInnis examines literary and cultural representations of Miami alongside the city’s material realities to challenge the image of South Florida as a diverse cosmopolitan paradise.

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It's Our Movement Now: Black Women’s Politics and the 1977 National Women’s Conference

This volume offers a panoramic view of Black feminist politics through the stories of Black women who attended the 1977 National Women’s Conference, placing the diversity of Black women’s experiences and their leadership at the center of the history of the women’s movement.

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Maximum Vantage: New Selected Columns

Veteran journalist Bill Maxwell tackles important issues faced by Florida and broader American society, offering opinions on a wide variety of questions with a focus on race, agricultural labor, education, and the environment.