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Decoding the Codex Borgia: Visual Symbols of Time and Space in Ancient Mexico

This book explores the rich symbolism of the Codex Borgia, a masterpiece of Pre-Columbian art dating to the fifteenth century, showing how the manuscript’s intricate and colorful imagery conveys complex ideas related to Mesoamerican myths and religion.

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Memory and Power at L’Hermitage Plantation: Heritage of a Nervous Landscape

This book documents the treatment of enslaved people at L’Hermitage Plantation in Maryland from 1794 to 1827, showing how the plantation owners’ strategies to maintain power and control can be seen in the spatial landscapes of the site.

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Indigenizing Archaeology: Putting Theory into Practice

This book highlights early-career Indigenous scholars conducting research in North America who are advancing the growing paradigm of archaeological study done with, by, and for members of Native-descendant communities.

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The Archaeology of Modern Worlds in the Indian Ocean

Bringing together specialists working in multiple areas of the Indian Ocean world, this volume uses a historical archaeological approach to explore the importance of the region to the emergence of modernity and globalization.

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Underwater and Coastal Archaeology in Latin America

This volume features a range of theoretical and methodological approaches to underwater and coastal archaeology in Latin America, showcasing the efforts of 82 researchers working across the region.

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The Materialization of Time in the Ancient Maya World: Mythic History and Ritual Order

This book discusses the range of ways the ancient Maya people expressed timekeeping in daily life through their architecture, arts, writing, beliefs, and practices.

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Living Ceramics, Storied Ground: A History of African American Archaeology

Exploring the archaeological study of enslavement and emancipation in the United States, this book discusses significant findings, the attitudes and approaches of past researchers, and the development of the field.

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Dead Man's Chest: Exploring the Archaeology of Piracy

This book presents a variety of approaches to better understanding piracy through archaeological investigations, landscape studies, material culture analyses, and documentary and cartographic evidence.

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Citizen Science in Maritime Archaeology: The Power of Public Engagement

This volume addresses the ways maritime archaeologists have engaged citizen scientists, presenting examples of projects and organizations that have involved volunteers in the important work of gathering and processing data.

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Archaeological and Ethnographic Evidence of Domination in Indigenous Latin America

This volume explores the nature of power relations and social control in Indigenous societies of Latin America as reflected in archaeological, osteological, and ethnohistorical records.