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More Voices of Civil Rights Lawyers: Continuing the Struggle

In this book, twenty-three lawyers discuss their experiences in the struggle to advance and maintain civil rights in the United States South, from the 1960s to the 1980s and from Texas to Virginia to Florida.

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Bound Labor in the Turpentine Belt: Kinderlou Camp and Misdemeanor Convict Leasing in Georgia

In this book, Thomas Aiello takes a close look at the Deep South’s dependence on systems of bound labor during the post-Reconstruction era through the story of a labor camp in Georgia, drawing attention to the injustices and abuses of misdemeanor convict leasing.

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Privacy in the New Media Age

In a context of almost instantaneous global communications, where technology moves faster than the law, Mills traces the sharp edge between freedom of expression and the individual dignity that privacy preserves.

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Judicial Administration and Space Management: A Guide for Architects, Court Administrators, and Planners

This important work integrates, for the first time, information from the fields of judicial administration and architecture, offering professionals in both areas significant benefits in the planning, programming, and design of courthouses that are

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