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So Excellent a Fishe: A Natural History of Sea Turtles

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São Paulo: Perspectives on the City and Cultural Production

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So, You Want to Be a Ballet Dancer?, second edition

A how-to guide on finding success in the highly competitive world of ballet.

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Social and Political Change in Literature and Film

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The Social Transformation of Eighteenth-Century Cuba

Sherry Johnson's revisionist study contributes to a new understanding of colonial Cuban history in several ways. Most importantly, it challenges existing interpretations of Cuban history by advancing an alternative to the "sugar is forever" thesis..

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The Socialist Impulse: Latin America in the Twentieth Century

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Some Kind of Paradise: A Chronicle of Man and the Land in Florida

For 500 years, visitors to Florida have discovered magic. In Some Kind of Paradise, an eloquent social and environmental history of the state, Mark Derr describes how this exotic land is fast becoming a victim of its own allure.

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Son of Real Florida: Stories from My Life

As stories about “Florida Man” inspire wild headlines in the news, Florida’s most beloved chronicler is here to show that the state is more than the stereotypes. Award-winning journalist Jeff Klinkenberg has explored what makes Florida unique for nearly half a century, and Son of Real Florida is a compelling retrospective of essays on the state he knows so well.  

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Sons of Ishmael: Muslims through European Eyes in the Middle Ages

John Tolan, one of the world’s foremost authorities on early Christian/Muslim interactions, offers ten essays that explore the history of conflict and convergence between Latin Christendom and the Arab Muslim world during the Middle Ages, deepening our understanding of the roots of current stereotypes of Muslims and Arabs in Western Culture.

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Sorghum's Savor

Velvety, sticky, and sweet--a taste of the real South. In Sorghum's Savor, Ronni Lundy showcases the endless possibilities of this unique ingredient, as well as the reasons why it has long been cherished in the South.