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Subjects or Citizens: British Caribbean Workers in Cuba, 1900–1960

This volume examines the British Caribbean diaspora and chronicles how the immigrants came to Cuba, the living and working conditions they experienced there, and how they both contributed to and remained separate from Cuban culture, forging a unique identity that was not just proudly Cuban but also proudly Caribbean.

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The Subversive Voice of Carmen Lyra: Selected Works

This collection of Central American folklore and social criticism is the first English translation of Carmen Lyra's works. Lyra (Maria Isabela Carvajal, 1888-1949) was a leading revolutionary in Costa Rica & its most popular folklorist & children's writer

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Sudan in Crisis: The Failure of Democracy

A former US ambassador offers a firsthand account of how Sudan, a promising North African democracy since 1956, failed to solve crucial problems at home and abroad and so brought about its own overthrow by Islamic fundamentalists.

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Sugar Baron: Manuel Rionda and the Fortunes of Pre-Castro Cuba

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The Sugar Industry and the Abolition of Slave Trade, 1775-1810

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Suki Schorer on Balanchine Technique

Critically-acclaimed and new to paper. A former Balanchine principal dancer and for many years a teacher at the American School of Ballet, Schorer provides a comprehensive and entertaining guide/treatise on Balanchine's world-renowned technique.

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The Sunshine Economy: An Economic History of Florida since the Civil War

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Sunshine in the Dark: Florida in the Movies