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Key Lime Desserts

Gourmets and novices alike will rave over easy-to-prepare recipes such as Key Lime Drop Cookies, Frozen Key Lime Cake Supreme, and Key Lime Rum Sherbet.

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Seminole Indian Recipes

Enjoy a taste of Florida’s history with this collection of hearty recipes inspired by Seminole cooking. Each dish evokes a time now past, when foods like venison, coontie, pumpkin, hearts of palm, and guavas were important parts of delicious feasts across the state.

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Cuban Home Cooking: Favorite Recipes from a Cuban Home Kitchen, Revised Edition

Cuban Home Cooking will inspire you to stock your kitchen with cumin, oregano, saffron, and peppers, put on your apron, and fire up your stove!

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Key Lime Cookin'

A delicious array of recipes featuring Key limes, from cocktails and light appetizers fare to main dishes featuring seafood and poultry.

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Key West Conch Cooking

Want the secrets behind Key West’s favorite recipes. “Conch (say “konk”) Cooking” presents a nutritious alternative to the usual seafood fare and a delicious one! Joyce LaFray’s collection, which includes time-tested recipes from Florida’s famous restaurants and others, is sure to tempt both adventuresome palates and waist-conscious readers.

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Orange Recipes: Famous Recipes from Famous Places

Included are juicy recipes such as Roast Crisp Duckling L’orange, Perfect Orange Flan, Steamed Orange Bread Pudding, Mama’s Orange Biscuits and Florida Orange Pancakes. 

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Seafood Recipes: Famous Recipes from Famous Places

Joyce reveals 31 recipes for fish and shellfish appetizers and entrees served in Florida restaurants.

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Joyce LaFray's Crab Cooking: Famous Recipes from Famous Places

Another in LaFray’s popular “Famous Recipes from Famous Places™”series, this handy tome contains the secrets behind the famous crab recipes of Florida’s best eateries.