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The Maritime Heritage of the Cayman Islands

Blending elements of geography, archaeology, and ethnography, this readable, illustrated history offers a fascinating portrait of all aspects of Caymanian nautical traditions and describes how an intrepid and independent group of islanders flourished on the frontiers of the sea.

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Florida's Lost Galleon: The Emanuel Point Shipwreck

Florida's Lost Galleon documents this groundbreaking discovery, the earliest shipwreck found in Florida. Underwater archaeologists describe how they explored the ship’s hull and recorded it carefully in order to reconstruct the original vessel and its last mission. They take readers into the laboratory to explain how the waterlogged objects they uncovered were analyzed and prepared for public display. The story of the ill-fated colony unfolds as they discuss the surprisingly well-preserved Spanish colonial artifacts, including armor, ammunition, plant and animal remains, and wooden and metal tools.

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An Atlas of Maritime Florida