Landscape Plants for Subtropical Climates

Bijan Dehgan

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"In one volume this book seems to encompass all the plants native and exotic grown in Florida. No small feat! . . . No other reference work that I know of covers the field as comprehensively as this."--Edward Golden, horticutural consultant and past president, Sarasota Orchid Society

From Florida to California and on to Hawaii, gardeners who want a current, thorough, and user-friendly guide to the common indoor foliage and outdoor landscape plants for U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 8, 9, 10, and 11 will welcome this fully illustrated book.
With precise line drawings for nearly 500 plant species, the work presents a description of cultivated ferns, cone-bearing plants, and flowering ornamental plants for warmer climates. It offers a description of the families, essential identifying features, and horticultural information for each plant, including origin, cold hardiness zones, propagation techniques, and soil, fertilizer, irrigation, and light requirements. The author also discusses identification features under clearly demarcated headings of growth habit, foliage, stem and bark, flower, and fruit. With a comprehensive glossary of terms commonly used in plant identification and a cross-referenced index of common and scientific names, readers will be able to find information with minimal effort.
This book is intended for use by backyard gardeners and will be especially handy for newcomers to warm temperate and subtropical areas who seek a reliable resource for plant selection and care. In addition, it will be indispensable to garden clubs, volunteer Master Gardeners, nursery professionals, extension agents, and landscape architects. It also can serve as a plant identification text for students of environmental horticulture, forestry, and other plant science-related fields.

Bijan Dehgan is professor of environmental horticulture at the University of Florida. He is internationally recognized for his taxonomic and horticultural research and major publications on the endangered sago palms (cycads) and the physic nuts (Jatropha).

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"The single version of a two-volume set originally developed for University of Florida environmental horticulture courses nearly 20 years ago. Its popularity stretches far beyond academia because of the number of species it addresses for USDA plant-hardiness Zones 8 to 11." -- Daytona Beach News-Journal
--Daytona Beach News Journal

"Comprehensive and user-friendly . . . uniquely organized to assist readers of various botanical backgrounds and interests to become familiar with plants of the region." -- Choice

"Will be a great help to any gardener who is considering adding to or redoing his landscape." -- Gainesville Sun
--Tampa Tribune

"A manual of all the landscape plants adapted to growing in zones 8, 9, and 10, the three hardiness zones of Florida. . . . Now available to the public, it is highly recommended."-- Orlando Sentinel
--Orlando Sentinel

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