Conservation, Ecology, and Management of African Fresh Waters

Edited by Thomas L. Crisman, Lauren J. Chapman, Colin A. Chapman, and Les S. Kaufman

Foreword by Graeme Patterson, Wildlife Conservation Society

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"Deforestation, exotic species, wetland degradation, hydro-development projects, fisheries exploitation, and pollution all pose serious threats to African lakes, rivers, and wetlands. . . . This book provides a synthesis of the state of our knowledge of selected ecosystems in Africa and indicates the desperate need for sustained, intensive, and extensive research into the workings of these understudied systems."--Patrick Osborne, International Center for Tropical Ecology

"An important asset of this work is the integration of the freshwater resources into the complex fabric of social structures of the many nations that utilize these resources."--Robert Wetzel, University of North Carolina

This interdisciplinary study of the disruptions threatening aquatic systems in Africa provides a continent-wide perspective on multidimensional environmental problems in the context of a rapidly expanding human population. Contributors confront both local and international water resource issues in Africa, illustrate commonalities among countries, and examine varied approaches used to solve water resource management problems. Linking social and natural sciences in diverse environmental and social settings at different scales of analysis (historical, regional, and ecosystem), the contributors identify regional issues and detect generalities to provide a baseline for decision making in the 21st century.

Conservation and Management of African Ecosystems: An Introduction, by Lauren J. Chapman, Colin A. Chapman, Thomas L. Crisman, and Les S. Kaufman
Part 1. Historical Perspective
1. A Historical View of African Inland Waters, by Daniel A. Livingstone
2. Deep Time Landscape Histories and the Improvement of Environmental Management in Africa, by Peter Schmidt
Part 2. Regional Perspectives
3. Management of Water Resources and Freshwater Ecosystems in Southern Africa, by Jenny Day
4. Aquatic Resource Management and Freshwater Ecosystems in West Africa, by Christopher Gordon
5. East African Species Introductions and Wetland Management: Sociopolitical Dimensions, by Fred W.B. Bugenyi and John S. Balirwa
6. Human Interactions and Water Quality in the Horn of Africa, by Gebre-Mariam Zinabu
7. Water Management Issues in Madagascar: Biodiversity, Conservation, and Deforestation, by Peter N. Reinthal, Karen J. Rieseng, and John S. Sparks
Part 3. Ecosystems, Processes, and Emerging Water Management Issues
8. River Fisheries in Africa: Their Past, Present, and Future, by Robin L. Welcomme
9. Fishes of African Rain Forests: Emerging and Potential Threats to a Little-Known Fauna, by Lauren J. Chapman and Colin A. Chapman
10. Incorporating Wetlands and Their Ecotones in the Conservation and Management of Freshwater Ecosystems of Africa, by Thomas L. Crisman, Lauren J. Chapman, and Colin A. Chapman
11. Deforestation in Tropical Africa: Impacts to Aquatic Ecosystems, by Colin A. Chapman and Lauren J. Chapman
12. Evolutionary Footprints in Ecological Time: Fish Community Structure and Water Management in African Lakes, by Les S. Kaufman
13. Implications of Eutrophication for Fish Vision, Behavioral Ecology, and Species Coexistence, by Ole Seehausen, Jacques J. M. van Alphen, and Frans Witte
14. How Issues of Genetic Diversity Affect Management of African Inland Water Fisheries: The Example of the Lake Victoria Region Fishery, by Mwanja Wilson and Paul Fuerst
15. The Aswan High Dam at Thirty: An Environmental Impact Assessment, by Scot E. Smith
16. Eutrophication in African Lakes with Particular Reference to Phosphorus Modeling, by Jeff A. Thornton and William R. Harding
Part 4. Human Dimensions of Water Management
17. Riparian Resource Utilization, Management, and Conservation in Southern Africa, with Special Reference to Botswana, by Robert K. Hitchcock
18. Energy Synthesis as a Tool for Evaluating Management Options for Fresh Water Ecosystems in Africa, by Mark Brown and Andres Buenfil
19. Ecotourism as a Sustainable Land Use Option in African Wetlands: The Okavango Delta and Kwando Wildlife Management Areas of Botswana, by Michael Murray-Hudson and Thomas L. Crisman
20. Fisheries in National Parks: A Case Study of Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda, by Arthur R. Mugisha
21. Monitoring Settlement as Part of an Integrated Model of Aquatic Ecology: The Onchocerciasis Control Program of West Africa, by Della McMillian and Davide Calamari
The Conservation and Management of African Inland Waters: A Synthesis, by Lauren J. Chapman, Colin A. Chapman, Thomas L. Crisman, and Les S. Kaufman

Thomas L. Crisman is professor of environmental engineering at the University of Florida and director of the Center for Wetlands. Lauren Chapman is associate professor of zoology at the University of Florida. Colin A. Chapman is associate professor of zoology at the University of Florida. Les S. Kaufman is associate professor of biology at Boston University.

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"A fascinating review of African freshwater systems, highly readable and full of interest for anyone with a concern in conservation or in the components, processes, and management problems of natural freshwater systems." "Highly readable at any level, from educated layperson, to conservation managers and professional researchers."
--Environmental Conservation

"Provides an excellent survey of sub-Saharan Africa's aquatic ecosystems, and it should be of interest to anyone concerned with water ecology and management in the continent."
--Modern African Studies

"A powerful book that should be read by all aquatic scientists, water resource managers, and development agencies working in Africa."
--Wetlands Ecology and Management

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