Advanced Principles in Teaching Classical Ballet

John White

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"Not since Noverre and Fokine has a master teacher sought to clarify the present state of ballet. The goals John White sets for each level of training, the psychological philosophies he sets forth for teachers, the emphasis on a positive approach to teaching and forming relationships with students and parents can be read over and over again throughout a teacher's career."–Charles Flachs, Massachusetts Academy of Ballet

"It has been an inestimable privilege to have worked with John White for more than ten years. This book, along with his first, provides an outstanding opportunity for generations of teachers to learn from him as well. Bravo!"–Michele MacDonald, St. Louis Center of Creative Arts

Staying true to the Russian Academy of Ballet (St. Petersburg) pedagogy he has taught for forty years, Advanced Principles in Teaching Classical Ballet is a continuation of the work John White began in his first book.

Designed for teachers, company directors, and advanced dancers, the book explores the importance of disciplined dancing, choreography, acting, conditioning, and performance. White's writing style is as straightforward as he is unyielding in his insistence on excellence.

White also confronts serious issues dealing with the future of classical ballet and what is needed to maintain its rightful place as an important theater art. He argues that theatergoers with high expectations deserve nothing less than masterful choreography performed by superior dancers.

Decidedly not a primer, Advanced Principles in Teaching Classical Ballet is a must-read for anyone serious about teaching and performing ballet.

John White (1934?2022) was cofounder and codirector of the Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet. He was also a soloist and the ballet master of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba and the head instructor and interim ballet master of the Pennsylvania Ballet Company.

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"Offers thought-provoking advice. Provides useful tips for teaching pirouettes, posing, and partnering technique."

"The author's forthrightness is evident in everything he writes. He looks at turning, jumping, and balancing and outlines a class format for intermediate and advanced students. An appendix includes a fantastic list of reminders for teachers and serious students of ballet."

"An enlightening, in-depth guide to classical ballet training."
--Dance Teacher

"White brings tremendous expertise to this guide. Highly recommended."

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