The Ch'orti' Maya Area
Past and Present

Edited by Brent E. Metz, Cameron L. McNeil, and Kerry M. Hull

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"An essential addition to the bookshelves of Mayanists and anyone interested in long-term processes of culture change."--Edward Schortman, Kenyon College

"Spans time, space, and disciplines to present well-rounded and actively contested views of the southeastern Guatemala and the northern frontier areas of Honduras and El Salvador. The diversity of the authors and their themes brings something for every reader, including the Ch'orti'."--Judith M. Maxwell, Tulane University

The Ch'orti' area--located in present-day Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador--was once the southernmost region of the ancient Maya world. Though thousands of years of tumultuous change have altered the face of the region drastically, many Ch'orti' have preserved their identity and maintained strong cultural ties to their past, and the region generally continues to practice traditions with Ch'orti' roots.

The Ch'orti's' connection with the Maya past and modern-day struggles with poverty and cultural encroachment have made the once little-studied Ch'orti' an important subject of anthropological research. The Ch'orti' Maya Area presents a holistic, multidisciplinary and long-term look at these people, their culture, and the region itself. Highlighting research from leading scholars around the globe, this collection is an impressive exploration of the history of human habitation in the area from approximately 3,000 years ago to the present.

Brent Metz is assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Kansas. Cameron L. McNeil is adjunct assistant professor of anthropology at Queens College, CUNY. Kerry Hull is an associate professor in the College of Foreign Studies at Reitaku University, Japan.

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"Provides a unique perspective on culture change and is a major contribution to Maya and general Mesoamerican studies."

"Clearly demonstrates that research in the Ch' orti' area (southeastern Guatemala, western Honduras, and northwestern El Salvador) is surging across disciplinary boundaries. . .this volume is a very welcome addition to literature. By returning to the tradition (often lost in this time of specialization and disciplinary fragmentation) of combining a four-field anthropological approach with interdisciplinary research in the study of a complex area and its residents, past and present, this volume highlights ongoing debates, fills lacunae, and significantly enrichesour understanding of this dynamic region."
--Journal of Anthropological Research

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