Miami Architecture
An AIA Guide Featuring Downtown, the Beaches, and Coconut Grove

Allan T. Shulman, Randall C. Robinson Jr., and James F. Donnelly

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"This book provides an important--and readable--addition to the bookshelf addressing the context of contemporary Miami and Miami Beach. By presenting the built environment of the Miami area for its compelling variety and unique mélange of styles, the authors go far in interpreting a long overlooked portion of our continent."--Gregory W. Bush, coauthor of Miami: An American Crossroad

A major urban center perched between vast natural ecosystems, Miami is known for a strikingly diverse built environment that is barely 100 years old. Within this brief span, the city has constantly reinvented itself, seeking a tangible identity as Florida’s largest metropolis. In this invented landscape, architecture, landscape design, and urban planning have played a particularly important role in creating Miami’s modern character and unique identity.

Miami Architecture grew out of the Miami Architecture Project, a community-based, nonprofit association that organized more than a dozen local forums to develop deeper appreciation of architecture and the role of architecture in community revitalization.

Ideal for residents, professionals, vacationers, and day-trippers, this authoritative guidebook provides a broad, accessible architectural overview of the notable buildings that can be found in the core of downtown Miami, Miami Beach, and Coconut Grove.

Allan T. Shulman is founding principal of Shulman + Associates and assistant professor of architecture at the University of Miami. He is editor and co-author of Miami Modern Metropolis: Paradise and Paradox in Midcentury Architecture and Planning. Randall C. Robinson Jr. is former executive director of the North Beach Development Council and coauthor of MiMo: Miami Modern Revealed. He works for the City of Fort Lauderdale Planning & Zoning Department. James F. Donnelly is chair of the City of Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board and a contributor to Tourist Nation.

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"Everything is in there, from the classics you love and fight to preserve to the out of scale monstrosities some love to hate." "The best thing about Miami Architecture is that it has room for the little gems among the boastful and famous structures."

"Will interest a wide audience, from residents and professionals to tourists and architecture buffs. Well-researched and accessible."
--Book News, Inc.

"A superbly organized, deftly presented, and thouroughly 'user friendly' guidebook. A core addition to academic library American Architectural History reference collections. Also specifically recommended as a supplement tour guide for the non-specialist general reader with an interest in Miami's regional architectural history."
--The Midwest Book Review

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