Native Wildflowers and Other Ground Covers for Florida Landscapes

Craig N. Huegel

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Spectacular additions to any gardener’s planting options

"Huegel has created an excellent guide to growing and using native ferns and wildflowers. Gardeners of all levels will find many new and relatively unknown jewels to add to their landscapes. The wealth of experience and personal knowledge Huegel brings to his subject makes this a veritable step-by-step handbook for the wildflower gardener."--Gil Nelson, author of Best Native Plants for Southern Gardens

"Huegel has compiled a large amount of information on Florida's native wildflowers and groundcovers. This is an extremely helpful and refreshing addition to the resources for people interested in these plants, whether they wish to grow them or not."--Daniel Austin, University of Arizona

Florida gardens and lawns are full of flowering plants and turfgrass, most commonly exotic species. Recently, however, statewide water restrictions and a rekindling of environmental awareness have increased interest in native plants, which are better adapted to the local climate and require less maintenance.
In this engaging and authoritative guide, ecologist and avid gardener Craig Huegel offers valuable information to anyone interested in integrating native ground covers into an outdoor space. As many of the plants featured in this book are not frequently or adequately discussed elsewhere, Native Wildflowers and Other Ground Covers for Florida Landscapes is a singular resource for homeowners and commercial growers alike.
Brilliantly illustrated with nearly 300 color photos, this handy book provides clear instructions on how to garden with more than 17 native ferns, 17 native grasses, and 175 wildflowers--all commercially available plants that work well together in the landscape. If you’re interested in adding these beautiful, diverse plants to your garden or yard, pick up Craig Huegel’s latest book and start planning your native plant landscape today.

Craig N. Huegel is an ecologist at Ecological Services Associates and cofounder of the Urban Wildlife Program at the University of Florida. He has produced ten video programs and several books including Native Plant Landscaping for Florida Wildlife.

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"Trying to recreate even a small part of the 'real' Florida--the Florida that Ponce de Leon found--can be a challenge. This book is a good place to start."
--Florida Gardening

"…few books have described both the natural habitat and consequent recommended garden use of native plants with the detail and personal experience offered in Huegel;s Native Wildflowers ." "…a welcome addition to the growing resources on native plant cultivation, addressing the most appropriate species for planting as understory or groundcovers."
--Economic Botany

"A comprehensive book on our native wildflowers and ground covers which offers the Florida gardener a new palette of native plants for our gardens."
--The Florida Gardener

"Very useful handbook that will thouroughly help you realize the potential of your wildflower garden……a must have for any landscape designer who wishes to provide a realistic and diverse natural planting for their clients…for many home gardeners, including me, it will be an inspiration for the creation of a dream wildflower garden."
--Florida Wildflower Foundation Quarterly Newsletter

"A treasure trove of practical information on what plants to grow (and how to grow them) beneath those trees or in the wide- open spaces of your native landscape…Huegel offers down-to-earth advice on growing wildflowers, grasses, and ferns gleaned from 20 years of cultivating these plants in his own Pinellas County garden….must-read for anyone interested in growing native plants."

"An excellent guide by an ecologist and avid gardener."
--On The Bookshelf

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