Corals of Florida and the Caribbean

George F. Warner

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Handy guide to some of the most beautiful creatures in the sea

"Warner has tapped his long experience as a Caribbean marine scientist to create an accessible, beautifully illustrated, and informative guide to Caribbean corals and coral reefs which should be in the dive bag of every novice snorkeler and diver."--John Ogden, University of Miami

"A well-written overview of the diversity, ecology, and conservation of corals in the Caribbean. Aimed at lay readers, it is well rounded, balanced, and up-to-date."--Gustav Paulay, Florida Museum of Natural History

Presenting a stunning array of beauty and biodiversity, the coral reefs of Florida and the Caribbean are part playground, part research lab for the thousands of tourists, divers, and marine scientists who visit them every year. Documenting the wide array of corals at home in the warm waters of the Caribbean, George Warner's Corals of Florida and the Caribbean provides an easy-to-use (and carry) guidebook that is both scientifically accurate and reader friendly.
Warner provides an exhaustive identification guide that will enrich any novice's vacation dive or an expert's return to the reefs. Written for the amateur naturalist, this handbook will travel well throughout the Caribbean, from Florida south to Belize, east to Tobago, and all points in between.
Beyond documenting the wide variety of corals found in the Caribbean, Warner also outlines their biology, from the way they grow to their reproductive habits, while examining major threats to the reefs including hurricanes, pollution, and global warming. With over 150 color photos, most taken by the author himself, as well as detailed descriptions, Corals of Florida and the Caribbean makes identifying and learning about corals hassle free--on the boat, at home, or in the classroom.

George Warner, retired marine biologist from the University of Reading, has nearly fifty years' experience with Caribbean reefs. He has served as the director of the Centre for Marine Sciences at the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica, and is the author of Diving and Marine Biology and The Biology of Crabs.

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"In addition to writing a clear field guide, Warner does an important and difficult job well: explaining to readers exactly what all this information means, in accurate, everyday language."
--Book News

"This colorful field guide will serve as a fundamental reference for the recreational diver or budding marine scientist keen to expand his or her knowledge of the biology, ecology, and conservation issues relating to Caribbean corals."
--Bulletin of Marine Science

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