Florida Wildflowers
A Comprehensive Guide

Walter Kingsley Taylor

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"Identifying wildflowers is a popular pastime for many gardeners and lovers of wildlife. But many botanical identification books just aren’t user-friendly. Pick up wildflower expert Walter Kingsley Taylor’s latest offering and you’ll find out just how much fun it is to track down the flower on the side of the road."--Tampa Tribune

"Goes a step beyond the norm of being just a field guide. It is an absolute inspiration and incentive to get out into the woods."--Palatka Daily News

"If you would like to attend a fascinating and informative lecture by one of Florida’s foremost experts on the state’s wildflowers and where they may be found--all in the comfort of your own home--by all means, read this book."--Orlando Sentinel

"Taylor’s guide will help readers recognize and identify wildflowers in a different way, not principally by their color or family group, but by where they’re most likely to be found growing--their natural habitat."--Gainesville Sun

"This new field guide is the best yet for Florida wildflowers. . . . Each entry includes a description, time of flowering, habitat, Florida distribution, and often a comment field that discusses related species, etymology, and even culinary and landscape uses."--Floridata

"Taylor’s unorthodox approach has garnered positive comments from casual, weekend hikers as well as those with a professional interest in wildflowers. . . . It has remarkably broad appeal, because it’s so clear and well done and because the photos are excellent."--Lakeland Ledger

"In this unique and refreshing approach to a wildflower guide, photographs visually illustrate the natural plant community described at the beginning of each community section. . . . An excellent and most useful guide."--Choice

Walter Kingsley Taylor’s Florida Wildflowers in their Natural Communities was wildly praised for its beauty, ease of use, and unique organizational structure: plants were described in the context of where they grow, making identification much simpler--and more rewarding--for the casual hiker or wildflower enthusiast. Vastly expanded and updated with new taxonomy, this new book provides detailed information on more than 450 species included in the earlier edition and nearly doubles the number of species included by expanding coverage into wetlands.

Walter Kingsley Taylor, professor emeritus of biology at the University of Central Florida, is the author of A Guide to Florida Grasses.

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"More than 350 additional photographs of individual specimens and habitats are exceptionally clear and of good size to help in identification."
--Chicago Botanic Garden

"Presents information in a user-friendly format."
--The Midwest Review

“A remarkably rich, gritty account of daily life today in the twilight of Caribbean socialism.”
--Plant Science Bulletin

“Provides an interesting snapshot of the state’s various habitats, and it will be a helpful guide for learning about which flowers should be in each area”
--CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

“Presented in a slick format with almost every page chock full of colorful, clear pictures, experts and novices alike will find this work an able and immensely usable guide.”
--Florida-Times Union

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