The Union, the Confederacy, and the Atlantic Rim
Revised Edition

Edited by Robert E. May

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"Inescapably, the Civil War was an international problem and those who ignore the foreign element miss the wider significance of the conflict. . . . Valuable for its breadth of vision and its differing perspectives on the international context of the war. It is important reading."--Journal of Southern History

"A thought-provoking collection whose international perspective is much to be welcomed."--Indiana Magazine of History

"The brevity and varied interpretations in the book will keep the reader’s attention throughout. . . . Reiterates older interpretations and offers fresh insights."--Georgia Historical Quarterly

"Argues that there was no realistic basis for the widespread Southern expectation that King Cotton would prove indispensable to British textile mills and would produce diplomatic recognition for the Confederate States of America. . . . A stimulating examination of a neglected but important Civil War topic."--Southwestern Historical Quarterly

"Successful in raising larger issues of concern for Civil War historians."--Illinois Historical Journal

"Provides a wonderful opportunity for scholars of the Civil War and U.S. diplomatic history alike to reconsider old topics in new ways. . . .There are no weak reeds among these essays. All are fine contributions to the literature that scholars as well as students should read with profit."--Civil War History

Robert E. May is professor of history at Purdue University and the author of Southern Dream of a Caribbean Empire, 1854--1861 and Manifest Destiny’s Underworld: Filibustering in Antebellum America.
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An excellent reference for anyone interested in the diplomatic side of the Civil war.
--Civil War News

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