The New Brazilian Mediascape
Television Production in the Digital Streaming Age

Eli Lee Carter

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How new media is ushering in a more diverse Brazilian national identity
“A detailed, cogent analysis of how the Brazilian audiovisual sector is surpassing traditional barriers to expression, attracting more projects of various formats and media such as the Globoplay series and Porta dos Fundos’ work, both eloquently discussed in this book.”—Cacilda M. Rêgo, coeditor of New Trends in Argentine and Brazilian Cinema  
“A far-reaching and well-researched book that sheds new light on major shifts in audiovisual production in Brazil. Essential for anyone interested in understanding the transformation of television industries and the internet in the Global South and the impact on fictional productions and social imaginaries.”—Mauro P. Porto, author of Media Power and Democratization in Brazil: TV Globo and the Dilemmas of Political Accountability  
In this book, Eli Carter explores the ways in which the movement away from historically popular telenovelas toward new television and internet series is creating dramatic shifts in how Brazil imagines itself as a nation, especially within the context of an increasingly connected global mediascape.  
For more than half a century, South America’s largest over-the-air network, TV Globo, produced long-form melodramatic serials that cultivated the notion of the urban, upper-middle-class white Brazilian. Carter looks at how the expansion of internet access, the popularity of web series, the rise of independent production companies, and new legislation not only challenged TV Globo’s market domination but also began to change the face of Brazil’s growing audiovisual landscape. Combining sociohistorical, economic, and legal contextualization with close readings of audiovisual productions, Carter argues that a fragmented media has opened the door to new voices and narratives that represent a more diverse Brazilian identity.  
Eli Lee Carter, associate professor of Brazilian literature, film, and television at the University of Virginia, is the author of Reimagining Brazilian Television: Luiz Fernando Carvalho’s Contemporary Vision.
A volume in the series Reframing Media, Technology, and Culture in Latin/o America, edited by Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste and Juan Carlos Rodríguez 
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