Southern Character
Essays in Honor of Bertram Wyatt-Brown

Edited by Lisa Tendrich Frank and Daniel Kilbride

Foreword by Stanley Harrold and Randall M. Miller, Series Editors
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"A rich and diverse look at the many identities of a rich and diverse region. More than an homage to a gifted historian, it is a stand-alone, interdisciplinary inquiry into just how complicated this thing called 'the South' can be. It's all here, from literature to politics, race to religion, gender to genealogy, Old South to New--with voodoo and a doomed barge canal as added twists. Fascinating and absolutely up-to-date."--John Mayfield, author of Counterfeit Gentlemen

"Honors a truly preeminent scholar with essays of very high quality and clear significance. No historian has assayed the 'southern character' more cogently than has Bertram Wyatt-Brown. From start to finish throughout this volume his former students affirm his great achievements and convincingly elaborate on them."--James Stewart, Macalester College emeritus

Bertram Wyatt-Brown (b. 1932) is one of America's most recognized and quoted historians. His work on honor, war, manhood, and religion, as well as his deeply interdisciplinary approach, has profoundly influenced the way historians understand the South.
The essays in this volume honor Wyatt-Brown and his work by using the concept of southern identities as a jumping-off point, examining a wide range of topics. Southern Character explores Quaker antislavery in Virginia, Lincoln's sense of southern honor, white and black uses of voodoo, contemporary southern conservatives' struggle for place, and the behavior of Confederate women during Sherman's invasion.
More than a festschrift, this volume demonstrates that southern identity is plural, not monolithic, and reveals how the region's uniqueness marginalizes many populations that contribute to "southernness."

Lisa Tendrich Frank is the editor of Women in the American Civil War: An Encyclopedia. She lives in Tallahassee, Florida. Daniel Kilbride, associate professor of history at John Carroll University, is the author of An American Aristocracy: Southern Planters in Antebellum Philadelphia.

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"… these essays all clearly bear the mark of Bertram Wyatt-Brown's illustrious career as a scholar and a mentor"
--Southern Roundtable

"...signif[ies] Wyatt-Brown's prodigious and lasting imprint on the field of southern studies."
--Journal of Southern Religion

"…this valuable collection fittingly honors the work of a great historian by showcasing exciting new directions in the study of southern history"
--Journal of Southern History

"A teacher's best tribute: stimulating new scholarship on two centuries in the American South that stands on its own."
--The Historian

"A fitting tribute to a historian who has contributed foundational and, at times, controversial scholarship to the field of southern history."
--Tampa Bay History

“A fine festschrift… the pieces are grounded in primary source research and reflect the latest scholarship of southern history.”
--Florida Historical Quarterly

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