Outposts on the Gulf
Saint George Island and Apalachicola from Early Exploration to World War II

William Warren Rogers

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"A solid history of a relatively unknown area of Florida. The rich detail of destruction by hurricanes and fires; the building of lighthouses, schools, banks, and bars; and the stories of the people who were associated with those events and facilities makes lively reading. Rogers writes with vivacity and a quick wit. His book will be welcomed not only by Florida historians interested in state and local history but also by a much wider reading public."--Journal of American History

"A painstakingly researched account of the economic, social, and political history of Apalachicola and Saint George Island."--Civil War History

"Traces the history of Saint George Island and Apalachicola, Florida, from the time Florida became a possession of the United States in 1821 to 1941. . . . This book represents the best in local history."--Florida Historical Quarterly

"Whether detailing the life cycle of the oyster, the North’s blockade of Apalachicola during the Civil War, the great fire of 1900, or the courtroom drama of the Popham trial, Rogers writes with the easy command of an expert. One seldom finds history so fascinatingly written."--Ralph T. Eubanks, University of West Florida

William Warren Rogers, professor emeritus of history at Florida State University, is the author of several books, including The One-Gallused Rebellion: Agrarianism in Alabama, 1865-1895.

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