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James Hudson: Forgotten Forerunner in the Crusade for Civil Rights

This book tells the story of James Hudson, a Black philosopher, Florida A&M University professor, activist, and religious leader whose philosophical contributions laid a key piece of the groundwork for the emergence of the civil rights movement.

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Selling Vero Beach: Settler Myths in the Land of the Aís and Seminole

This book explores how settlers from northern states created myths about the Indian River area on Florida’s Atlantic Coast, importing ideas about the region’s Indigenous peoples and rewriting its history to market the land to investors and tourists.

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Tampa Bay: The Story of an Estuary and Its People

This book explores the environmental history of the largest open water estuary in Florida, revealing how people have interacted with nature throughout the long history of Tampa Bay.

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Motion Picture Paradise: A History of Florida's Film and Television Industry

This book is a sweeping story of filmmaking in Florida, chronicling the state’s importance to producers throughout 125 years by looking at the many iconic films and television shows made across the peninsula.

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Sunshine State Mafia: A History of Florida’s Mobsters, Hit Men, and Wise Guys

A wild ride through a century of Mafia lore, this book offers inside accounts and little-known stories of organized crime across Florida, from the Keys to Pensacola and Jacksonville.

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The Enduring Seminoles: From Alligator Wrestling to Casino Gaming, Revised and Expanded Edition, with a New Preface

This book discusses the cultural tourism activities of the Florida Seminoles from the early twentieth century to the purchase of the Hard Rock Café business in 2006, providing a social and economic history of an unconquered people.

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Dream State, with a New Preface: Eight Generations of Swamp Lawyers, Conquistadors, Confederate Daughters, Banana Republicans, and Other Florida Wildlife

Part family memoir, part political commentary, part apologia, Dream State tells the grand and sometimes crazy story of Florida through the eyes of author and journalist Diane Roberts.

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Tracing Florida Journeys: Explorers, Travelers, and Landscapes Then and Now

In this book, Leslie Poole delves into the stories of explorers and travelers who came to Florida during the past five centuries, looking at their words and the paths they took from the perspective of today.

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Florida's Peace River Frontier

In this book, Canter Brown, Jr. records the economic, social, political, and racial history of the Peace River Valley in southwest Florida in an account of violence, passion, struggle, sacrifice, and determination.