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Dissensuous Modernism: Women Writers, the Senses, and Technology

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"The Gift" by H.D.: The Complete Text

In this complete, unabridged edition of H.D.'s visionary memoir, The Gift, Jane Augustine makes available for the first time the text as H.D. wrote it and intended it to be read, including H.D.’s coda to the book, her "Notes," never before published in its entirety.

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A Curious Peril: H.D.’s Late Modernist Prose

A Curious Peril examines the prose penned by modernist writer H.D. in the aftermath of World War II, a little-known body of work that has been neglected by scholars, and argues that the trauma H.D. experienced in London during the war profoundly changed her writing. Lara Vetter reveals a shift in these writings from classical "escapist" settings to politically aware explorations of gender, spirituality, nation, and imperialism.

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Reading the Modernist Bildungsroman

With this first major study of the historical context of the English and Irish Bildungsroman, Gregory Castle revisits the genre with a special interest in self-development and identity, as well as the viability of the classical concept of Bildung in the modernist era.

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The Letters of Laurence Sterne: Part One, 1739–1764: Volume 7 of the Florida Edition of the Works of Laurence Sterne

The culmination of more than forty years of research

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Quakers Living in the Lion's Mouth: The Society of Friends in Northern Virginia, 1730-1865

This examination of a Quaker community in northern Virginia, between its first settlement in 1730 and the end of the Civil War, explores how an antislavery, pacifist, and equalitarian religious minority maintained its ideals and campaigned for social justice in a society that violated those values on a daily basis.

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White Sand Black Beach: Civil Rights, Public Space, and Miami’s Virginia Key

In May 1945, activists staged a "wade-in" at a whites-only beach in Miami, protesting the Jim Crow-era laws that denied blacks access to recreational waterfront areas. Pressured by protestors in this first postwar civil rights demonstration, the Dade County Commission ultimately designated the difficult-to-access Virginia Key as a beach for African Americans. The beach became vitally important to the community, offering a place to congregate with family and friends and to enjoy the natural wonders of the area. It was also a tangible victory in the continuing struggle for civil rights in public space.

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Jefferson's Poplar Forest: Unearthing a Virginia Plantation

One hundred years in the life of a founding father 's 5,000 acre "retreat"

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Before and After Jamestown: Virginia's Powhatans and Their Predecessors

In 2007, Jamestown will observe its 400th anniversary. New to paperback, this is the story of America's first permanent English settlement as told through its relationship with Virginia’s native peoples. 7 maps, 63 b&w photos, 30 illustrations.