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Democracy and Time in Cuban Thought: The Elusive Present

In this analysis of political discourse in Cuban culture, María de los Ángeles Torres focuses on how the concept of time has been employed by different political projects, arguing that an emphasis on human actions in the present is important for a democratic political culture.

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Dancing the Afrofuture: Hula, Hip-Hop, and the Dunham Legacy

In this memoir, Halifu Osumare reflects on how her career as a dancer and activist influenced her growth as a scholar writing the stories of global hip-hop and Black culture.

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The Essential Writings of Robert A. Hill

Bringing together Robert A. Hill’s most important writings for the first time, this collection serves as a testament to Hill’s legacy as a pioneering scholar, activist, archive builder, and editor who shaped the study of Garveyism and pan-Africanism.

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An Introduction to Literary Debate in Late Medieval France: From Le Roman de la Rose to La Belle Dame sans Mercy

This volume immerses readers in a debate tradition that flourished in France during the late Middle Ages, focusing on two works that were both popular and controversial in their time and the discussions they sparked surrounding questions of women’s agency, love, marriage, and honor.

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Internet, Humor, and Nation in Latin America

This volume provides a comprehensive Latin American perspective on the role of humor in the Spanish- and Portuguese-language Internet, highlighting how online humor influences politics and culture in Latin America.

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Memory and Power at L’Hermitage Plantation: Heritage of a Nervous Landscape

This book documents the treatment of enslaved people at L’Hermitage Plantation in Maryland from 1794 to 1827, showing how the plantation owners’ strategies to maintain power and control can be seen in the spatial landscapes of the site.

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Collected Epiphanies of James Joyce: A Critical Edition

This book offers the first critical edition of the forty short texts James Joyce called “epiphanies.” Presenting the texts with background information and thorough annotations, this edition provides a vivid insight into Joyce’s art.

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Indigenizing Archaeology: Putting Theory into Practice

This book highlights early-career Indigenous scholars conducting research in North America who are advancing the growing paradigm of archaeological study done with, by, and for members of Native-descendant communities.

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Decoding the Codex Borgia: Visual Symbols of Time and Space in Ancient Mexico

This book explores the rich symbolism of the Codex Borgia, a masterpiece of Precolumbian art dating to the fifteenth century, showing how the manuscript’s intricate and colorful imagery conveys complex ideas related to Mesoamerican myths and religion.