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André Michaux in Florida: An Eighteenth-Century Botanical Journey

This book recreates the eighteenth-century Florida exploration of botanist Andre Michaux, retracing his routes and including in full documentary form all the plants he collected and observed.

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Wild Florida: An Animal Odyssey

A captivating visual and narrative journey into the ecology of Florida’s animals, this book features brilliant wildlife photography and intimate storytelling that introduces the variety of species within the state.

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Justice Pursued: The Exoneration of Nathan Myers and Clifford Williams

An in-depth look at a wrongful conviction and its landmark reversal, this book is the story of Nathan Myers and Clifford Williams, who were released in 2019 after almost 43 years in prison in the first exoneration brought about through a Conviction Integrity Unit in Florida.

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Underwater and Coastal Archaeology in Latin America

This volume features a range of theoretical and methodological approaches to underwater and coastal archaeology in Latin America, showcasing the efforts of 82 researchers working across the region.

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The Materialization of Time in the Ancient Maya World: Mythic History and Ritual Order

This book discusses the range of ways the ancient Maya people expressed timekeeping in daily life through their architecture, arts, writing, beliefs, and practices.

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Textual and Critical Intersections: Conversations with Laurence Sterne and Others

In this collection of wide-ranging essays representing fifty years of scholarship on Laurence Sterne, Melvyn New brings Sterne into conversation with other authors from the past three centuries.

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The Archaeology of Modern Worlds in the Indian Ocean

Bringing together specialists working in multiple areas of the Indian Ocean world, this volume uses a historical archaeological approach to explore the importance of the region to the emergence of modernity and globalization.

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NASA and the American South

This volume examines NASA’s strong ties to the American South, exploring how the space program and the region have influenced each other since NASA’s founding in 1958.

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Grit-Tempered, with a new preface: Early Women Archaeologists in the Southeastern United States

This volume documents the lives and work of pioneering women archaeologists in the southeastern United States from the 1920s through the 1960s.

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Southern History Remixed: On Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Dilemma of Race

This book spotlights the key role of popular music in the shaping of the United States South from the late nineteenth century to the era of rock ‘n’ roll, showing how the region’s musical activities reveal deep histories of racial tensions in southern culture.