Grit-Tempered, with a New Preface
Early Women Archaeologists in the Southeastern United States

Edited by Nancy Marie White, Lynne P. Sullivan, and Rochelle A. Marrinan

Foreword by Jerald T. Milanich, Series Editor

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A landmark portrayal of pioneering women in science, reissued on its 25th anniversary  
Praise for the first edition:  
“Highly recommended for any archaeologist interested in the history of the discipline.”—Choice  
“An important addition to the history of southeastern archaeology, bringing to light the often undervalued or forgotten contributions of the many women who helped to make archaeology what it is today.”—Bulletin of the History of Archaeology  
“This is a needed history, providing details both mundane and critical, personal and professional, feminist and archaeological.”—Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences  
“Demonstrat[es] that each woman, regardless of how, when, or why she came to Southeastern archaeology, has made significant contributions to the field, clearing the path for women today to pursue successful careers in archaeology.”—North American Archaeologist  
“The regional focus lends an intimate and immediate quality to this series of biographical-historical narratives. . . . [It is] heartening to know that some among us have thought to capture these women’s stories for others to tell in the future and to provide a basis for better understanding how our roles and histories influence our work as archaeologists.”—Journal of Anthropological Research  
“These fascinating brief portraits, variously based on documents, interviews, or autobiographical statements, reveal much of the changing circumstances in the context of which women’s work must be understood.”—National Women’s Studies Association Journal  
“A readable book that provides a lot of interesting material on the history of Southeastern archaeology.”—Journal of Alabama Archaeology  
“A delight to read, often humorous, sometimes sobering. It has much to offer readers, ranging from the history of archaeology and the role of the WPA in southeastern archaeology, to an intimate view of careers of influential women in science, to discussions of the study of gender in history and archaeology. It is a volume to be read and shared.”—Arkansas Historical Quarterly  
“An easily read, thought-provoking book.”—St. Augustine Archaeological Association Quarterly Book Review  
Updated with a new preface on the 25th anniversary of its first publication, this volume documents the lives and work of pioneering women archaeologists in the southeastern United States from the 1920s through the 1960s. Some of these women were working at the time of the book’s first publication in 1999, and they either wrote their own stories or were interviewed. Others were no longer living; their biographies are gleaned from archival research. Rich with humor, tragedy, and important information for the history of archaeology in the South and beyond, as well as anthropology in general, this book includes the story of African American women excavators on WPA crews during the Great Depression; tales of innovative lab work, adventurous fieldwork, and public archaeology; and provocative discussions of women in archaeology and of gender in the archaeological record.  
Nancy Marie White is professor of anthropology at the University of South Florida. Lynne P. Sullivan is curator of archaeology emerita at the Frank H. McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Tennessee. Rochelle A. Marrinan is associate professor of anthropology at Florida State University.
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