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Grit-Tempered, with a new preface: Early Women Archaeologists in the Southeastern United States

This volume documents the lives and work of pioneering women archaeologists in the southeastern United States from the 1920s through the 1960s.

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En Bas Saline: A Taíno Town before and after Columbus

This book details the Indigenous Taíno occupation at En Bas Saline in Hispaniola between AD 1250 and 1520, showing how the community coped with the dramatic changes imposed by Spanish contact.  

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Digging Miami

In this book, Robert Carr traces the rich 11,000-year human heritage of the Miami area from the time of its first inhabitants through the arrival of European settlers and up to the early twentieth century.

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Taíno Indian Myth and Practice: The Arrival of the Stranger King

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Presidios of Spanish West Florida

This book provides the first comprehensive synthesis of historical and archaeological investigations conducted at the fortified settlements built by Spain in the Florida panhandle from 1698 to 1763.

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Unearthing the Missions of Spanish Florida

This volume presents new data and interpretations from research at Florida’s Spanish missions, drawing on the past thirty years of work at sites from St. Augustine to the panhandle.

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Methods, Mounds, and Missions: New Contributions to Florida Archaeology

Offering innovative ways of looking at existing data, as well as compelling new information, about Florida’s past, this volume updates current archaeological interpretations and demonstrates the use of new and improved tools to answer larger questions.

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New Methods and Theories for Analyzing Mississippian Imagery

Exploring various methodological and theoretical approaches to pre-Columbian visual culture, the essays in this volume reconstruct dynamic accounts of Native American history across the U.S. Southeast. 

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The Nine Lives of Florida's Famous Key Marco Cat

The story of an iconic artifact that has prevailed over impossibly long odds, this book explores the deep past of the Key Marco Cat, fascinating readers with the miracle and beauty of this rare example of pre-Columbian art.

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A History of Platform Mound Ceremonialism: Finding Meaning in Elevated Ground

This book presents a temporally and geographically broad yet detailed history of an important form of Native American architecture, the platform mound, revealing unexpected continuities in moundbuilding over many thousands of years.