Wild Florida
An Animal Odyssey

Kirsten Hines

Foreword by Ron Magill
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Florida Book Awards, Gold Medal for Visual Arts
National League of American Pen Women, Inc., Marjorie Davies Roller Nonfiction Award
Brilliant wildlife photography and intimate storytelling showcase Florida’s animal species within their natural habitats  
“Hines’s images are both technical and artful, and the accompanying text is simultaneously accessible and reverent. Residents or visitors, newcomers or natives will all learn something new in these pages and find renewed appreciation for the ecology of still-wild Florida.”—Julie Wraithmell, executive director, Audubon Florida  
“In this stunning presentation of images and vignettes, Hines truly captures the essence of wild Florida as a unique natural history wonderland. Spending time with this book will inspire people of all ages to appreciate Florida, to discover its countless natural wonders, and to help conserve it all for future generations to enjoy.”—John Fitzpatrick, emeritus director, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
“Hines’s elegant descriptions of the fauna interwoven with her personal anecdotes reveal not only fascinating—and often newly discovered—snippets of natural history but also a deep understanding of the anthropogenic processes currently shaping Florida’s environment. Her love and passion for natural Florida and her respect for its people are evident throughout the book.”—Mark Cook, scientific section lead for the Systemwide Everglades Research Group, South Florida Water Management District  
“In this delightful book, Kirsten Hines highlights the incredible diversity of Florida’s wildlife through gorgeous photographs and stories of nature connection. Her writing weaves together natural history with her personal encounters with the animals that call Florida home. By shining a light on Florida’s native and nonnative species and the myriad challenges they face, Hines asks us to consider what ‘wild Florida’ means and what we want it to look like in the future.”—Gabby Salazar, conservation photographer and social scientist  
Kirsten Hines provides a captivating visual and narrative journey into the ecology of Florida’s animals in Wild Florida. The intimate and artistic photographs in this book introduce readers to the wide variety of wildlife that thrives within the state. In essays that accompany her images, Hines offers stories and observations about each species and encourages conservation of the natural areas that support them.
Hines takes readers along with her on excursions through swamps and into camping stakeouts, sharing experiences such as watching the movements of Florida black bears for months to capture the perfect shot of a mother with her cubs. She introduces an array of species that call the state home, from the iconic Florida panther and the endemic red widow spider to the loggerhead sea turtle and even invasive species like the Burmese python. These pages feature Magnificent Frigatebirds from the tropical environments of the south, beavers from the temperate north, and animals that live within the gradual blending of environmental borders between these climatic extremes across the peninsula.
Wild Florida also highlights the unique ecosystems where these creatures can be found, including locations such as Ocala National Forest, Big Cypress National Preserve, Dry Tortugas National Park, and Everglades National Park. Hines’s patience in studying the secret lives of Florida’s animals results in surprising revelations about the hidden wonders that readers can even discover in their own backyards.
This book not only champions the diversity of Florida’s natural features, but also inspires readers to take action to ensure the treasures of the state remain protected. These elegantly presented words and images make a strong case for preserving the beauty and wonder of the state’s animals and their environments for years to come.  
Kirsten Hines is a writer, award-winning nature photographer, and conservationist. Hines is coauthor of Attracting Birds to South Florida Gardens and several other books on Florida’s nature and history.

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