Florida Springs
From Geography to Politics and Restoration

Christopher F. Meindl

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An indispensable resource for learning about the freshwater wonders of Florida  
“A must-read for anyone wanting to know about the complexity of Florida springs and why restoration has been so difficult for these beloved bodies of water. Meindl provides readers with a rare exploration of Florida springs politics.”—Victoria Machado, Rollins College  
“Provides a good synthesis of existing knowledge and past works about springs, telling a timely story of what we know about—and have tried to do for—Florida springs to date. This is a very useful and important story.”—Jason Evans, executive director, Stetson University Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience  
Florida is home to over 1,000 freshwater springs, natural wonders that have drawn people to enjoy and interact with them over the course of millennia. This book provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the geography, history, science, and politics of the springs, informing readers about the deep past and current issues facing these treasures of the Florida landscape.      
Christopher Meindl explains the unique physical features of Florida’s springs, including the “Swiss cheese” structure of the state’s aquifers and the complexities of its groundwater hydrology, providing helpful maps, graphs, and photos. Meindl discusses how ancient and modern people have used the springs—as centers of communities, therapeutic spas, roadside attractions, parks, and more. He addresses contemporary threats to the springs in areas such as water flow, water quality, and overcrowding. Finally, he explores recent state policies, the activism of environmentalists, and current and potential restoration projects that seek to prevent springs degradation.              
Meindl brings to light a struggle for truth among scientists, politicians, and businesspeople about the causes of problems the springs face today. Challenging oversimplified answers and looking at multiple hypotheses, Meindl raises intriguing questions that will inspire readers to join the ongoing discussion about how best to protect and restore Florida’s iconic freshwater sanctuaries.  
Christopher F. Meindl is associate professor of geography and director of the Florida Studies Program at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

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