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The Making of Florida’s Universities: Public Higher Education at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

In this book, Carl Van Ness describes the formative years of higher education in Florida, comparing the trajectory to that of other states and putting it in context within the broader history and culture of the South.

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Cosmonaut: A Cultural History

Examining material and cultural representations of the cosmonaut program, Cathleen Lewis discusses how the public image of the Soviet cosmonaut developed beginning in the 1950s and the ways this icon has been reinterpreted throughout the years and in contemporary Russia.

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Circulating Culture: Transnational Cuban Networks of Exchange

Tracing the flows of people, material items, and digital content between Havana and Miami, as well as between Cuba and Panama, Guyana, and Mexico, this book demonstrates the worldmaking of marginalized Cuban communities in a transnational setting.

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The Life and Music of Graham Jackson

This book is the first biography of Graham Jackson, a virtuosic musician whose life story displays the complexities of being a Black professional in the segregated South.

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Spirited Diasporas: Personal Narratives and Global Futures of Afro-Atlantic Religions

Through a variety of first-person accounts, this book offers a glimpse into the frequently misunderstood religions of Afro-Cuban Lukumí, Haitian Vodou, and Brazilian Candomblé, adding to the growing research on the transnational yet personal nature of African diasporic religions.

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The Rise of Central American Film in the Twenty-First Century

This volume explores the main trends, genres, and themes that define the emerging filmmaking industry in Central America, providing a needed overview of one of the least explored cinemas in the world.