The Florida Bernard Shaw Series

Series Description:

This series is devoted to works of and about Bernard Shaw, his literary production, and other Shavian topics of interest. While supportive of traditional approaches, the series also aims to encourage scholars with new critical paradigms to engage Shaw's works.

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There are 6 books in this series.

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Shaw and Feminisms: On Stage and Off

Here, Shaw's long-recognized influence on feminism is reexamined through the lens of twenty-first-century feminist thought as well as previously unpublished primary sources. New links appear between Shaw's writings and his gendered notions of physicality, pain, performance, nationalism, authorship, and politics.

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Shaw's Settings: Gardens and Libraries

This book fills the need for a systematic study of setting as significant to the playwright’s work as a whole.

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Who's Afraid of Bernard Shaw? Some Personalities in Shaw's Plays

Featuring figures as varied as Julius Caesar, Zulu king Cetewayo, Noel Coward, Edward Elgar, and Benjamin Disraeli, this volume brilliantly demonstrates how Shaw put something of himself into all of his "people."

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Shaw, Synge, Connolly, and Socialist Provocation

Scholarship abounds on Shaw’s politics, but Nelson Ritschel’s compelling study is the first to explore how Shaw’s presence in Irish radical debate manifested itself not only through his direct contributions but also through the way he and his efforts were engaged by others.

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Bernard Shaw: A Life

A leading Shavian authority provides new information about the public image and the private realities of one of the 20th century’s most celebrated writers and social critics. With 69 b&w photos, notes, index.

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Shaw's Theater

Examines Shaw's work in the theater and the use of theater in his work. Part I, "Bernard Shaw, Director" was originally published in 1971 and remains the most authoritative work on this aspect of Shaw. Part II: "The Director as Interpreter: