The Florida James Joyce Series

Edited by Sam Slote, Trinity College

Series Description:

As one of the most studied writers in history, James Joyce has evoked criticism and scholarship for over half a century. In this tradition, The Florida James Joyce Series seeks to foster the most meaningful avenues of current investigation and to help establish new directions and methodologies for reading Joyce's work.

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Sam Slote
Trinity College
School of English
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin D02 PN40, Ireland

There are 55 books in this series.

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Guilt and Finnegans Wake: From Original Sin to the Irredeemable Body

Approaching James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake with attention to the theme of guilt, Talia Abu presents a clear and thorough interpretation of the work that shows the importance of the theme to Joyce’s craft.

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Collected Epiphanies of James Joyce: A Critical Edition

This book offers the first critical edition of the forty short texts James Joyce called “epiphanies.” Presenting the texts with background information and thorough annotations, this edition provides a vivid insight into Joyce’s art.

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Genetic Joyce: Manuscripts and the Dynamics of Creation

Using genetic criticism, an approach focused on the materiality of the writing process, this book shows how the creative process of modernist writer James Joyce can be reconstructed from his manuscripts.

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Beating the Bounds: Excess and Restraint in Joyce’s Later Works

Examining the role of boundaries and limits in James Joyce’s later works, primarily Finnegans Wake but also Ulysses and other texts, this book explains and reconciles Joyce’s contrary tendencies to establish and transgress limits and shows the Wake’s relevance to many different fields of thought.

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An Irish-Jewish Politician, Joyce’s Dublin, and Ulysses: The Life and Times of Albert L. Altman

In this book, Neil Davison argues that Albert Altman, a Dublin-based businessman and Irish nationalist, influenced James Joyce’s creation of the character of Leopold Bloom as well as Ulysses’ broader themes surrounding race, nationalism, and empire.

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Joyce without Borders: Circulations, Sciences, Media, and Mortal Flesh

Addressing James Joyce’s borderlessness and the ways his work crosses or unsettles boundaries of all kinds, the essays in this volume position borderlessness as a major key to understanding Joycean poiesis, opening new doors and new engagements with his work.

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Time and Identity in Ulysses and the Odyssey

A unique in-depth comparative study of two classic literary works, this volume examines essential themes in James Joyce’s Ulysses and Homer’s Odyssey, showing how each work highlights and clarifies aspects of the other.

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Joyce, Aristotle, and Aquinas

In this book, Fran O’Rourke examines the influence of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas on James Joyce, arguing that both thinkers fundamentally shaped the philosophical outlook which pervades the author’s oeuvre.

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Joyce Writing Disability

In this book, the first to explore the role of disability in the writings of James Joyce, contributors examine the varying ways in which Joyce’s texts represent disability and the environmental conditions of his time that stigmatized, isolated, and othered individuals with disabilities.

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Rewriting Joyce's Europe: The Politics of Language and Visual Design

This book sheds light on how the text and physical design of James Joyce’s two most challenging works, Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, reflect changes that transformed Europe between World Wars I and II.