Wild Florida

Edited by M. Timothy O'Keefe

Series Description:

Books in this series are written for the many people who visit and/or move to Florida to participate in our remarkable outdoors, an environment rich in birds, animals, and activities, many exclusive to the state. Books in the series will offer readers a variety of formats: natural history guides, historical outdoor guides, guides to some of Florida's most popular pastimes and activities, and memoirs of outdoors folk and their unique lifestyles.

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There are 14 books in this series.

Please note that while you may order forthcoming books at any time, they will not be available for shipment until shortly before publication date

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Hiking the Florida Trail: 1,100 Miles, 78 Days, Two Pairs of Boots, and One Heck of an Adventure

A three-month journey into the heart and soul of Florida. This engaging story of Molloy's journey, the first narrative account of a Florida Trail thru-hike, is peppered with outrageous and charming characters. With 36 b&w photos.

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Fishing Florida's Flats: A Guide to Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, and Much More

In Fishing Florida’s Flats, world-champion angler Jan Stephen Maizler draws on the expertise of numerous "flatsmasters," who share their wisdom on how to maximize one’s chances of landing a trophy catch. With 47 b&w photographs.

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Hiker's Guide to the Sunshine State

Spanning 2,273 miles, this is the definitive guide to Florida's more than 500 hiking trails for beginners and advanced hikers alike. With 26 b&w photos, 13 maps.

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30 Eco-Trips in Florida: The Best Nature Excursions (and How to Leave Only Your Footprints)

From the Panhandle to the Lower Keys, the perfect guide to finding high-quality, less-trafficked adventures--where to go/stay, what to see, what to expect--and how to enjoy these areas responsibly. 30 b&w photos, 3 appendixes, index.