Fishing Florida's Flats
A Guide to Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, and Much More

Jan S. Maizler

Foreword by M. Timothy O'Keefe, Series Editor

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"An extremely detailed and thorough book that no serious shallow water angler will be able to pass up."--John D. Brownlee, Editor-in-Chief, Center Console Angler Magazine

"Excellent. . . . Maizler has compiled a world of interesting detail."--Jim Hardie, freelance writer for the Miami Herald, Stuart News, and Florida Fishing Week

"Jan Maizler's book offers plenty of detail on the fishing and makes you want to get out on the water to put that knowledge into practice."--Jimmy Jacobs, Editor, Florida Game & Fish Magazine

"Fishing Florida's Flats is perhaps one of the finest books on regional angling nuances ever written. Jan Maizler has put together a talented stable of writers willing to bare their secrets to success in the Florida Shallows. It is a worthwhile addition to any angling library even the least bit concerned with Florida's flats environment."--Captain Ted Lund, editor, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters Magazine

"Fishing Florida's Flats is a book loaded with information on the fine points of flats fishing for bonefish, tarpon, and permit, among other species. Author Jan Maizler taps the expertise of some of the nation's top flats guides and adds his own decades of knowledge to it. Whether you're a beginner or expert, you'll find lots of tips, tricks, and knowledge here."--Frank Sargeant, world-renowned shallow water angling expert, author, writer, and columnist for the Tampa Tribune

Shallow ocean, or "flats," fishing is one of the most popular coastal activities in Florida. No other place has such a large combination of different shallow water species. In Fishing Florida's Flats, world-champion angler Jan Maizler draws on the expertise of numerous "flatsmasters" who share their wisdom on how to land a trophy catch.

Their advice--suitable for a range of first-time and experienced anglers--includes tackle selection, techniques, and directions to "hot spots" for each flats species. From habitat, biology, and feeding patterns to spotting tactics and state records, each flats fish is covered in detail. Maizler offers invaluable knowledge of the many vessels available, the different kinds of flats and the best ways to wade them, and important weather safety information. Maizler also reviews the recent technical and electronic developments in flats fishing, such as websites, software programs, and Global Positioning System devices that are now necessary additions to the Florida flats angler's arsenal.

For the large and growing number of anglers who have chosen flats fishing as their sport, this is the ultimate guide for catching bonefish, tarpon, permit, barracuda, sharks, redfish, seatrout, and snook in the state. Get hooked on Fishing Florida’s Flats.

Jan S. Maizler is a journalist and former IGFA world-record holder for bonefish on two-pound line and permit on four-pound line. He is the author of seven books.

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" Definitely one you'll want to add to your library. Just make sure you put you name in it so it doesn't become the victim of sticky fingers."
--Fly Fishing in Salt Water

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